• It audit with international guidline

  • It planing and developing

  • Installation

  • Document preparation


  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Computer accessories
  • Printer,scanners
  • Network equipment
  • Servers
  • Computer components
  • Low price
  • Easy to use
  • Transferring data fast and efficiently
  • High cyber security

About us

IT infrastructure is a complex figure in modern business and it has to be chosen carefully, so it works for the system and not in opposite in both financial and technological sides. Our certified workforce will serve as employees to help you develop your business IT infrastructure and show you high levels of productivity.

NGS group represents a modern IT company that is always willing and able to resolve various tasks that help you to develop your network infrastructure for easy decision making and choosing the right technologies as well as our mission is to make technologies affordable for small and medium business segments which are in need of implementing modern hardware for their future.

NGS group was founded in 2013 where our first customers were: Coffe in, Hello Kitty, GFC and etc,
The first successful project was renewing computer network of revenue service of Georgia in 2014, at the same time this has been a very high motivational aspect in developing our business where we have achieved to plan and create successful products. which is the achievement successful group work and collective effort.

we try to improve our service on everyday bases which will help us develop an atmosphere where every client is important and part of a big infrastructure that we are trying to create which will help to create successful project for you and your business.

Our specialists will help you in any case and always provide you with loyalty and high level quality by having energy skills and motivation in our company.

by being our partner we take full responsibility on performance and efficiency of your IT infrastructure which gives you an option to forget about contracting your IT department and help you save time to work on other important issues in your company.

Our partners